Sponsored Placement: Get Your Story Into Premium Publications

PR Newswire’s exclusive partnerships enable brands to amplify their message through the publication of branded content to help make their owned, earned and paid media work harder by connecting engagement to measurable outcomes.

Amplify your story with Sponsored Placement

PR Newswire can help brands secure placement of their content – including news releases, product announcements, environmental, social and governance (ESG) news and many more brand messages – on thousands of premium publishers in North America and in Europe.


See how Sponsored Placement helps brands turn their press releases into engaging content across premium publications:

PR Newswire converts the content of your press release into sponsored placement that match the look and feel of the publishers’ websites you select, based on the targeted audiences you’re trying to reach.

Increase your brand awareness. Cision PR Newswire Sponsored Placement offers direct paid placement on premium publications in the UK, France, Germany or more broadly in Europe and in North America.

Why Sponsored Placement?

Build trust and credibility for your brand

Your brand can leverage the credibility of publications your customers trust by advertising your editorial content on sites your customers are already visiting. The seamless format of native advertising allows you to reach your audiences in a format they prefer, which increases engagement with your brand's content.

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Increase engagement and viewership of your news

Sponsored Placement enables you to distribute your message and expand your audience reach effectively. A perfect complement to your earned and multi-channel media efforts, native advertising can further your impact, increasing impressions and measurable ROI.

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Control the narrative of your brand's story

When you share your news, you hope that all the important elements of your story get covered. Sometimes, journalists may overlook good stories or not prioritize the key messaging you want to emphasize. When you publish your story as sponsored content, you have complete control over how your story is told.

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