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PR Newswire:  Agility - the world's most innovative media engagement platform... and so much more...

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Whether you work in PR, IR, Corporate Communications, Marketing or Charity sector, knowing who's looking for news related to your industry plays a vital role in the success of your communications strategy.  By using an up to the minute media contacts database and tracking which topics journalists are researching you can dramatically increase relevant coverage and build productive relationships with journalists, bloggers and key influencers.

With Agility's unique media targeting and monitoring capabilities you can quickly identify and target the people most influential to your organisation, uncover what is being said about your brand as it happens and engage those influential people via traditional and social media channels. Combine this with PR Newswire's unparalleled global press release, news and content distribution network and you have the intelligence and tools to execute your communications strategy more effectively.

Agility's intuitive dashboard design is the result of many hours of conversation with our customers and is so simple to use that you'll be up and running in minutes.  It's competitively priced with straightforward, flat fee pricing and no hidden data or usage fees.

Agility provides:

  • Access to PR Newswire's global media contacts database of more than 600,000 journalist & blogger contacts, constantly updated by our dedicated media research team to ensure that you're getting accurate contact information every time.
  • More information per individual contact than any other provider, including social profiles, photos, latest Tweets and social media Klout scores.
  • Recent articles from journalists and details about when and how to pitch them.
  • The industry's broadest global press release and content distribution network, reaching more than 8,000 websites and tens of thousands of reporters and bloggers.
  • Valuable intelligence about what's being said about your brand and by whom across traditional and social media.
  • The opportunity to engage with journalists and bloggers and social influences directly from the platform.  Contact a journalist, tweet to an analyst or connect with a blogger.
  • The ability to easily distribute your news and content to customised lists of journalists as well as your own private contacts.
  • Detailed reporting surrounding your email distribution, including who has opened it and whether or not links and attachments have been accessed.


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For Rica, a small UK research charity, our subscription to Agility has really helped raise our media profile: features in London Evening Standard and Radio 4 are recent successes. Because Rica is not a front-line charity, we have to try extra hard to promote our quality research and information for older/disabled people to the mainstream media. Agility really helps: easy-to-use with a large updated list of media international, national and regional contacts. The search facility helps find specific journalists/media outlets to target our press releases. Having Agility has undoubtedly saved us time. I would readily recommend Agility, particularly to other small or ‘invisible’ charities/voluntary organisations who want to raise their media profile.

Chris Lofthouse, Outreach Manager, Rica

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