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First Commercial Product to Allow Users to Run UNIX MS DOS and MS Windows 3.1 At Distinct Security Levels Within Separate Windows on a Single Intel Platform.

The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) and SecureWare have launched the first commercial product to allow users to run UNIX and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) MS DOS and MS Windows 3.1 applications at distinct security levels within separate windows on a single Intel desktop.

The new product - the SCO CMW + (Compartmented Mode Workstation ) 3.0 - cuts the entry price to secure computing, and combines ease-of-use with greater performance and reliability. It allows organisations to use COTS office automation products such as wordprocessing, spreadsheet and database applications in one window while simultaneously running secure applications in other windows.

The Multi-Level Secure (MLS) operating system - the first commercial product developed jointly by SCO and SecureWare - offers organisations and businesses with critical security environments, such as military, diplomatic and intelligence communities - as well as other government and commercial organisations such as banks, hospitals and health services - an MLS operating system, MLS network and MLS graphical user interface.

The product is available now, in both single-user desktop and multi-user server versions, and is currently in evaluation with EDS CLEF for certification to E3 / F- B1 CMW + functionality at the E3 assurance level with UK ITSEC. Certification is expected in the first quarter 1996.

SCO CMW+ (Compartmented Mode Workstation) 3.0 is based on technology that has been officially certified at the B1/CMW level by the National Computer Security (NCSC) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). It also includes components normally found in B2 and B3 secure environments such as Access Control Lists for Discretionary Access Control, trusted path, least privilege and trusted recovery. It offers the following benefits:

  • it dramatically reduces the entry price to secure computing. The single platform security plurality that SCO CMW + provides removes the requirement for the development of custom applications to run within sophisticated secure environments, and organisations that have been forced to run multiple applications on numerous classification-specific desktops can now consolidate operations. This means they can reduce hardware and operating system expenses and the need for user training. Release 3.0 includes source-code compatibility, network interoperability and procurement specifications based on open standards. It supports industry-standard hardware, considerably lowering acquisition and maintenance costs.
  • intuitive operation. In the past, organisations have found that the deployment of a secure environment meant sacrificing performance and ease of use. By providing graphical functionality on the client and significantly developing the systems administration on the server end SCO CMW+ offers users easy access to the appropriate security level.
  • increased performance over other products. Implementation of security control is not expected to affect the performance of the operating system.
  • reliability. It offers trusted networking through an implementation of MaxSix - a trusted TCP/IP networking technology developed by Project Max, a consortium of trusted system vendors and integrators. The MaxSix software extends all features of the CMW to the network, forming a distributed trusted computing environment compatible with offerings from other vendors.

Having a trusted, secure environment is critical to organisations which rely heavily on information at various levels of sensitivity. The confidentiality of data is particularly important in government departments where it is not only essential to prevent unauthorised individuals gaining access to sensitive information, but also to ensure that valid users of the system only have access to information which is relevant to their job and security clearance. Until the launch of CMW + 3.0, price, performance and ease of use have been major obstacles to secure systems implementation.

"Changing needs, both at government level and in private sector organisations have been the driving force behind the development of SCO CMW Release 3.0. This product is an enhanced version of the SCO Open Desktop 3.0 Operating system that provides a secure desktop environment able to meet the requirements of the European Government accounts. Several commercial accounts, such as banks, are also starting to require more stringent security standards which are enforced at the operating system level. It forms part of our Windows-friendly portfolio of products. Users can run Windows office automation and UNIX mission-critical applications side-by-side within and MLS environment, underlining our position as the open systems mission-critical server of choice", said Andy Cash, Manager, Secure Systems Group, SCO.

"Partnering with the leading UNIX system solution provider has allowed this SCO/SecureWare joint venture to offer users access to the broad spectrum of available COTS Windows applications for office automation functions, while ensuring the security and integrity of mission critical UNIX programs," said John Adams, Vice President, Corporate Development, SecureWare, Inc. "Providing users with security plurality on one platform, SCO CMW+ eliminates the need to go to different workstations to perform different functions."

Technical Note to Editors

SCO CMW+ 3.0 provides a multi-level secure systems and networking environment presented on a commodity Intel platform. It is a complete line of trusted workstation, server and development environments based on SecureWare's CMW + security standard and SCO Open Desktop/Open Server 3.0 from The Santa Cruz Operation. The user presentation is through a secure X11R5 and OSF/Motif 1.2 interface with additional support for a secure Windows 3.1 environment, giving access to standard office productivity tools in a secure environment. It runs on virtually any 386/486/Pentium platform and is targeted at the B1/CMW (Compartmentalised Workstation) level of trust, although it includes many B2 and B3 features. A secure version of SCO UnixWare is also available.


With a list price of £2,930 for the single user desktop version, a very powerful Intel Pentium based CMW+ version could be configured for considerably less than £5,000, at list. This is less than half the price of an equivalent RISC-based workstation. The cost advantage is even greater for servers with the operating system priced from £3,770 for a 16 user server to £12,170 for a 1024 user server.

About SCO

SCO is a market leader in secure systems. The company has been providing C2 systems since 1989, and is the system provider for RCAS, the single largest network of trusted systems.

SCO is the world's leading supplier of UNIX server and host systems, and a leading provider of client-integration software that integrates Windows PCs and other clients with UNIX servers from all major vendors. SCO Business Critical Servers run the critical, day-to-day operations of large branch organisations in retail, finance, telecom, and government, as well as corporate departments and small to medium-sized businesses of every kind. SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs.

For additional corporate and product information, see SCO's home page on the World Wide Web:

SCO, the SCO logo, The Santa Cruz Operation, SCO Open Server and Open Desktop are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. CMW+ and SecureWare are trademarks of SecureWare, Inc. All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners.

About SecureWare, Inc.

SecureWare, Inc. develops security technology and products for UNIX system-based computer systems. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1986 and provides secure software products and services that meet both government and commercial security requirements. SecureWare is the recognised leader in UNIX system security technology.


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