Many of today's news consumers, editors, journalists, analysts and investors want more than text-only press releases. They want to engage with multimedia content anywhere at any time. They want a one-stop-shop where they can read information, watch video, download high-resolution photos, and get background information on your organisation through accompanying links to product information, web pages and photo galleries.

PR Newswire lets you give your target audiences what they want with an interactive news release known as the Multimedia News Release (MNR). Audiences can view digital video, listen to soundbites, view and download photos, download documents, and share what they find with friends and colleagues with the click of a button.

Distribute your multimedia message to the masses

Our search engine optimised Multimedia News Releases (MNR) are branded for your company and campaign. MNRs come complete with a customised HTML5 video player with a function that lets viewers embed content on blogs, include social media functions that encourage readers to spread the word, and offer customised reporting that demonstrates proven ROI.

  • Deliver your news via your chosen national/international wire transmission. Reach 5,500-plus websites and PR Newswire for Journalists, our media-only website
  • Make an impact with a visually rich environment that engages your target audience anywhere in the world
  • Add a customised widget or button as a call to action to encourage readers to contact your organisation
  • Display your photos on up to 1,000 major Web sites and the Reuters Billboard in Times Square and Las Vegas to maximise your exposure
  • Customise distribution of footage to video portals that reach more than 30 million viewers, including YouTube, Yahoo Video, Blinkx and AOL Video
  • Give media and consumers special access to download your multimedia marketing collateral with MPEG-2 Files for media access
  • Include your organisation’s live Facebook and Twitter feed on the MNR page

You can also add strategic services that extend the reach of your multimedia news, such as Strategic Web Placement, Satellite Distribution of B-Roll and Soundbites, Premium Photo Distribution and Still Photography Packages. If you don’t have video for your Multimedia News Release, PR Newswire can produce it for you, or if you have existing footage available, we can edit it and tailor it for use in the release.

More Rich Media Options:

*The Reuters Sign in Times Square is provided through a partnership with Times Square2