The goal of events is to enable communications and marketing professionals to hear from leading media organisations on how their respective companies work. They provide insight into their specialist areas, giving advice on achieving coverage, informing them on effective targeting of journalists within their sector, and building mutually beneficial relationships.

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6 November 2018 #CommsCon18

There’s an earned media revolution happening. Fake news and lack of consumer trust means that PR is now more important than ever in a business communications strategy. So, this November,...

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Event Feedback

"It’s very interesting to learn how PR works, how they work, they even mention dos and don’ts, so for people who are trying to contacting them, how they should approach them."

— Azur Drault, Velti

"I think events like this are hugely important especially for the more junior members of PR teams because there is so much to learn every brand is different every brand has their dos and don’ts and works in different ways."

— Trish Halpin, Marie Claire

"I think being able to talk to a big audience in a very sort of targeted way is hugely useful actually. I think from our point of view it’s helpful because we can hopefully help them to be more targeted about their approach."

— Justine Southall, Marie Claire

"I think especially for PR brands, you know it’s a very scary and daunting process contacting such a big publication, but it’s great to know that they’re very personable and they are open to receiving new offers but it’s about how the best way is to go about it."

— Charlotte Howarth, Chanel Ltd

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