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Whether you have a general information portal or a blog dedicated to a niche audience, we can build a news feed to match your content needs. You can provide your visitors with fresh news targeted to their interests distributed directly from a trusted news source.

Content Delivery Solutions:

PR Newswire Widget:  The Widget is available in 24 different languages and offers fully customisable, full text content to be hosted directly on your website or blog. With its user-friendly installation and a dedicated support team, the Widget is the easiest and fastest way to add fresh, constantly updating content to your site.

The Widget is available in:

You can see our widget in action on the following sites:

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FTP:  Our FTP delivery solution provides real-time delivery of raw XML data feeds. Our robust FTP feeds are fully customisable, and are available via push or pull. Examples of sites using our FTP feeds include Finanznachrichten (Germany) and About Pharma (Italy).

API:  Our Content API is designed to allow media organizations, content aggregators, mobile application partners and other content product developers to create applications that formulate simple or complex queries that will search and extract data from PR Newswire’s vast store of news release data. The API can return results in XML, JSON, Atom and Full-Text RSS formats.
Tech specs are available. Examples of sites using our API feed include Mataf (France) and Healthcare Global (UK).

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